Some people dread the thought of going to work every morning.  Jeremy Lundberg, co-founder of DLC Solutions LLC of Reston, VA, is ecstatic every time he hears the alarm bell ring. After all, he says, “Owning my own business is all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

My successes. 

It’s not hard to understand Jeremy’s enthusiasm for his work. He and co-founder Joel DeGrands were co-workers at a health care support company, and were frustrated by the firm’s seeming lack of interest in improving the quality of its educational and training software. “We felt that there had to be a better way to apply these e-learning technologies to serve the medical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries,” Jeremy says. “Finally, we decided that we were the ones who could do it.”

Unlike other software start-ups that have floundered due to the sluggish economy, DLC Solutions has enjoyed a remarkable first year by generating $1.3 million in sales, enabling Jeremy and Joel to hire their first full-time employee and move into a new office complex. DLC now offers seven products and two services, including presentation Webcasting, online testing, CD-ROM development, virtual patient case studies and document management. The firm’s client base has expanded to Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, major medical associations and leading patient advocacy organizations.

In addition, DLC recently secured contracts to provide all online health training for major pharmaceutical oncology franchise, and developed the first professionally moderated online chat support groups with The Wellness Community-National.

How SCORE helped. 

“SCORE is an incredible organization,” he says. “Working with SCORE is like having Bill Gates or Warren Buffett knock on your door and ask if you’d like some help growing a business.” says Jeremy Lundberg.

What's great about my mentor? 

At the suggestion of a colleague, Jeremy contacted SCORE through the local chamber of commerce.  He and Joel were paired with George Crosby, a retired technology CEO. The three met in person and via email for several months. “We call George our ‘guardian angel,’” Jeremy says. “He helped us focus on our business model, product positioning, sales and marketing pitch and priorities. He wisely convinced that us that instead of trying to seek outside funding, we should simply focus on our core business. His analysis and advice were sensible and sound.”

With DLC expected to grow by another 20 percent in its second year, Jeremy and Joel are now working with SCORE Volunteer Mentor Bill Kuhlmann to formulate short- and mid-range plans. “Health care is a very lucrative market, so it’s essential that we solidify our market and brand position,” Jeremy says.

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