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Does your content match your strategy? Do you have a strategy? Speaker: Jodi Lawaich from The Write Stuff VT, LLC

Successful Content Marketing Strategies & Hacks

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Apr-2021: Learn the essential framework of a digital marketing strategy, identifying key targets, and finding the tools that will save you time. Speaker: Dr. Elaine Young from Champlain College.

Ways Your Digital Marketing Can Beat the Big Guys

Apr-2021: In this Lunch & Learn, learn the basics of business insurance, additional coverage options, how to find an agency, and ways to save money with Rick Ouelette & Mindy Bero from CVAIP.

Insure Your Business with Confidence

Mar-2021: Join us, along with Will Carlson from Carlson Consulting, LLC as we talk all about Quickbooks Online.

Bookkeeping Made Easy: A QBO Overview

Feb-2020: This session will focus on understanding what cash flow is, its importance, and will give you some tools to analyze and manage cash flow. Speakers: Steve Greenfield & David Mount from SCORE Vermont.

Understanding My Business’ Cash Flow

Jan-2021: Focusing on your small business financials to answer what are the important numbers & ratios and what to analyze for your business today and in the future. Speaker: Matt Cleare from Davis & Hodgdon

Understanding Your Small Business Financial Dashboard

Dec-2020: With consumers flocking to online shopping, is your business prepared to do online sales? Do you need to pivot expand from traditional brick & mortar to adding an e-commerce component? Watch the recap!

Moving My Business to e-Commerce

Nov-2020: In a COVID-19 world, let's make sure your pricing is still accurate & realistic while knowing when it's time to adjust for the times.

Pricing: Where the Numbers Really Matter​

Oct-2020: In this overview, you will learn the basics of small business financial management. 

Financial Management for Small Business

Oct-2020: Let's convert your dusty old business plan into a working document to keep your business moving forward with the ability to pivot and revise to meet the current challenges we face as small business owners.

Business Planning in a COVID-19 World

Jun-2020: Reviewing best practices for writing on digital outlets and provide some ideas on how you can come across as well-informed without the fear factor with creative copywriter and brand storyteller Jodi Lawaich, of The Write Stuff VT LLC.

COVID-19 Messaging: What to Say & How to Say It

Jun-2020: With restaurants & bars are getting ready to reopen, are you prepared? Our speaker, John Parmelee, will talk about the considerations needed to reopen your food and beverage business

Restaurant Survival Strategies Post-COVID

May-2020: Let's talk about how to communicate your marketing message with your customers to address their questions and concerns. It's all about seeing from their perspective with a message that is genuine and authentic to your unique business.

Small Business Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

April-2020: Interaction and communication can contribute to your profitability. Speaker: Vickie Wacek of BNI Vermont to talk about Communicating Your Way to Profit

Communicate Your Way to Profit

Apr-2019: The analysis shows that you need funding. How and where can you get it? There may be several options available - perhaps more than you think! Speaker: Cairn Cross from Fresh Tracks Capital.

My Business is Ready to Grow: Where's the Money?

Mar-2019: Traditional digital marketing is a thing of the past and having a digital marketing strategy is crucial for growth in most businesses. Speaker: Francois Gossieaux from SCORE Vermont.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Growth

Dec-2018: Your business is growing and you are thinking about how to intelligently keep the growth pattern going. Steve Densham from the Vermont SBDC is our key speaker, so please join us for a discussion regarding small business growth!

How to Identify and Evaluate Business Growth Opportunities

Apr-2018: Interaction and communication can contribute to your profitability. Speaker: Vickie Wacek of BNI Vermont to talk about: Learning to Communicate Your Way to Profit

Learning to Communicate Your Way to Profit

Mar-2018:  In today’s competitive market, having the right online presence is critical for your small business success. Speaker: Dr. Elaine Young from Champlain College.

Leveraging Online Marketing Basics for Your Business

Feb-2018: Join us as a panel of experts from SCORE discuss sales. Speaker: Rick Royer, SCORE Mentor and Director of Sales & Marketing for North Star Leasing.

Sales Tidbits for Small Businesses

Jan-2018: Without customers, how can a business survive? How do you get customers to your business? The secret is having a solid marketing strategy which speaks to that customer community. Speaker: Cristine Hammer of Hammer Consulting & Copywriting

Marketing Basics for Small Business

Dec-2017: In partnership with the VT Small Business Administration (SBA), this session will explain what funding is, how the process works, and how to prepare for funding. In addition, plan on bringing your questions and we will answer and discuss.

Small Business Funding: How & Where to Get It

Nov-2017: In this session, we will take some of the mystery out of understanding: Cash flow, Income statements, also known as P&L, Balance sheets, ...and "keeping the books" for the success of your business.

Need Answers About Accounting?

Apr-2017: Join us as we talk about the dark side of the internet and how to protect you, your data, your customer and client data, and your business with Jonathan Rajewski from Senator Leahy Center for Digital Investigation.

Is Your Small Business Online Smart?

Mar-2017: Do you know what is the best way to define your online presence for your business? Speaker: Dr. Elaine Young from Champlain College with Panelists: List Wood of Sprout New Media and Denise Dukette of Out of the Office Virtual Assistance and mentor with Champlain Valley SCORE.

Define Your Business Presence on the Internet

Feb-2017: Without customers, how can a business survive? How do you get customers to your business?  The secret is having a solid marketing strategy which speaks to that customer community. Speaker: Rick Royer from Northstar Leasing & mentor with Champlain Valley SCORE.

Market Your Small Business to Get the Sale

Jan-2017: What is your business identity? Want to learn how to effectively brand your business? Join Pam Knights of Pam Knights Communications as we talking about branding.

Branding: Who is Your Small Business?

Nov-2016: Common pitfalls for the small business owner are knowing tax or legal impacts due to your business type, how to properly keep your accounting books, or even what liability exposures you might have.

Key Partners for Small Business Success